Cameron W. Wisconsin

Tax Reforms and Job Creation

Tax Reforms and Job Creation

Dear Future President,

We need to get people off of welfare and into jobs with better tax reforms. One reason is with the tax reforms being low it will create more jobs. Also, with more jobs it will get people off of welfare. If we get more jobs, it will help our economy grow unlike it is right now. In addition, if everybody got jobs it would help the U.S. get out of debt. Another reason is that with tax reforms being low it will help the economy grow. U.S. businesses have moved overseas because of the U.S tax reforms. Also, we have one of the highest statutory federal taxes. The final reason is if we do not lower the tax reforms, U.S. businesses will transfer to other countries. We do not want this to happen because it will cause the U.S. to lose money. In conclusion, if we do not this into consideration, we will end up having no businesses in the U.S. and we will still have to rely on welfare.


Cameron Wittman