Nicholas F. New York

Money means more to the minorities

Lower and middle class work hard and don't get paid for it.

Dear next president,

The biggest issue facing America today is unfair income to lower class and middle class. People work hard for their boss and don’t get the pay they deserve. Some of them risk their lives just to earn enough to put food on the table,clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. Did you know that MTA pays only $81,000 a year for people to work in these cancer giving tunnels where they could just accidently trip and fall. In addition a Long Island Rail Road conductor who retired in April, made $239,148, about $4,000 more than the authority’s chief financial officer, according to payroll data released on Wednesday. Why should he make more than someone who works just as hard as him. This issue is important to me because my dad works for MTA. I think his life is worth more than $81,000. He works nights and sleeps during the day and comes home exhausted everyday. He deserves more than $81,000 for his hard work in this city. One solution to this issue is raise the salary that workers get for their hard work. They work hard everyday to make a living, i think they need the pay they deserve. Another solution is stop paying for overtime because in some jobs the reason the pay is so low is because they can’t afford to pay a high amount since their too busy paying more for workers to do overtime. In the future i want MTA and any form of a worker/employee to get a high enough salary to live peacefully and happily. I want my dad to come home and rest easy knowing that if he passes we will live on happily.

Sincerely, Nicholas Francis