Jordyn S. California

Keep our Country Moving Forward

Keeping the average citizen in mind, boosting economy, national security

Dear Future President

You are in charge of the greatest nation on Earth and you have a big responsibility to fulfill. In my opinion, your duties should include, always keeping the average citizen in mind, boosting our economy, and making sure our country safe from terrorist threats. These are issues that everyday Americans have, and by solving them, you would be popular with the citizens of the United States as well as keep our country moving forward. As part of the younger generation, I find it is my duty to ensure that the President of the United States knows what the people of America need to make this country move forward in a good direction.

The biggest idea that you need to realize is that not everyone has the money and power that you do. You need to keep the average, working class citizen in mind and make decisions that would benefit them, not just the upper or lower class. Currently, the middle class is shrinking as the income inequality gap grows larger and larger. This is something you need to make a priority so that our country is united again and everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. Everyday Americans are hit hard with circumstances that are out of their control, it is your duty as president to keep your citizens well informed and make sure they know everything that is going on in their country.

The United States economy is not in good shape. The United States has a huge deficit that may or may not ever get solved. It should be your duty to help the United States start making a profit and try to decrease that debt. I know it will probably not be solved in your 4 years in office, but you should decrease the deficit or at least make sure it does not go any higher. Though the unemployment rate has been decreasing, make sure that every American has the opportunity for a job. Ensure that taxes will be evened throughout the playing field so that hard working Americans get to keep their money instead of getting it taken out in taxes.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has become a huge threat to the United States. They hate us and have made many terrorist attacks already in the U.S. and abroad. You need to keep Americans safe. National security is the most important political idea to a lot of people. ISIS is not something to mess around with, they need to be taken out to keep America and the world safe from these horrible people.

By doing these things, you will ensure that this nation is moving forward in a good direction. If you keep everyone in mind, boost the economy, and keep this nation safe, you will definitely gain support from the people and make this country even better than it already is.


Jordyn Samper

Minarets High School

Minarets Econ/Gov

Seniors from Minarets High School in O'Neals, CA

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