Mason Michigan

Gun Control

Guns can be dangerous, but with the right laws they can be kept out of the wrong hands. Not everybody who commits a crime is unworthy.

Dear Future President,

Gun control has been, and still is, one major problem in the United States. Last year there were 11,208 gun homicides in the US. We need to change the national laws so that it is similar to the gun control legislation passed in New York with the help of Andrew Cuomo. The gun salesmen should also have a background check done on everybody before the purchase and should give a written reason why they’re buying the gun. 

For example, I am a huge hunter and always have been my whole life, and I know I’m too young to purchase a weapon, but when I can, if I don’t have any criminal charges within 5 years of that day, I should be allowed to buy the firearm. If someone tries to purchase a weapon and has committed a serious crime within that 5 year time span, or committed murder, or attempted murder the person should not be able to complete his purchase (also any other severe criminal charges). The reason I think this will help is because my grandpa and I both enjoy hunting, but until recently he hasn’t been able to hunt with guns because of something he did 30 years ago. I can say from personal experience that the only thing he would use that rifle for is legal wild game. I can remember many times where he said to be careful with a crossbow because you never want to point it at anybody and accidentally hurt them. They still thought though that he is too dangerous to own a gun. So I think the proper laws could lower the gun deaths, and please, give those who think they deserve the right to own a gun a chance to prove that they are responsible enough to own one.

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