Bryson North Carolina

National Defense

Funding of National Defense is a big problem.

Dear, Mr. President

National Defense is a really big thing, because this is just like the army or military. But this affects millions of people and that is bad. Also are military is very weak. So what do we do.

According to, β€œthe Marine Corps is looking for a slew of new technologies that will better equip the infantry of the future with better, more capable devices and weapons.” This shows because the military does not have what they need, Also the Military needs more money for their equipment and the president has took that money away from the military and now this is the weakest are military has been. My question is why are you taking money away from the military?

We could get attack why are military is weak. So give the U.S. soldiers more money. Also this really concerns me, because the military or the U.S. soldiers are suppose to protect us. Also this is why it affects millions of people. But that is why are military needs so much money, according to the it says average money they have is 530 billion. But why is money getting taken away from the military. It is just hurting our military or are U.S. Soldiers.

So Mr.President it is up to you to fix this problem and this is a really big problem. So will you give the U.S Soldiers or the military more money for their equipment and to also make our military stronger and better.

Sincerely, Bryson Jones

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