Corley G. Louisiana

High School Experiences

High school students need better information and options regarding their current and future education.

    Dear Future President,

      As most students in high school, I have thought about college. I realized just how little I know about my options. I worry a lot about my future, because where I come from, many people don't amount to much. I think that if we had better education standards more kids would become successful.

     For starters, I think you should make education a higher priority in our country. Students need better course options, better resources, and better trained teachers. Our teachers also deserve more benefits. Many of them spend a lot of their own money for classroom needs. Teachers work very hard not only to prepare us for college, but for the real world.

     All kids deserve a fair chance in life, and a big part of that is a good education. Our generation is the future of this country and if we don't get a good foundation, our country is going to be put in a very bad position. 


                                                                                                                          Corley Greene

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