Aiden H. Illinois


Immigration laws in the U.S are a mess and need to be fixed now

Now Imagine being hungry and have a family to feed.You apply for a visa,then get sent home and told to wait 135 years.What do you do? Right now immigration laws are a mess. Change must happen and it must happen soon.

Some people say immigrants are bad because there are too many.according to

in 2016 the United states is made up of 12% immigrants,but in 1915 it was 15% immigrants.Also immigrants make up 5% of the entire work force.Without them the political system would collapse.

Other people say they are stealing jobs but it is the complete opposite.They create more jobs buy spending their income paying taxes and creating businesses.According to immigrants are 50% more likely to create a business than natural born people.

Another thing is When a person wants to enter the U.S legally they have to apply for a visa go home and wait. A Forbes investigation found that a computer programmer from India must wait, on average, 35 years. A high school graduate from Mexico must wait an of average 130 years!

In the end there is no reason immigration laws are like this.Immigrants are coming in illegally because it is so difficult to enter legally. Whenever you can spread this information to whoever you can it is time for change.