Rayquan F. Illinois

Violence in chicago

Violence in Chicago is a major issue and its something that need to be talked about. I really think that with the president's help, things can really turn around for my city.

Dear Future President,

Congrats on becoming the president for the next 4 years, but there's been something for years that has been bothering me and it has a lot to do with the city I'm from. When we talk about Chicago, people may overlook or some people may not be aware of the violence that has been going on in this city. So far this year, 606 people were shot and killed, 3,197 shot and wounded, with 3,803 people shot total and 676 total homicides.

The violence in Chicago has been out outrageous. The numbers, the bodies, everything, has been critical in my city. There are kids in my city who are under 12 dying and holding guns. Kids these days are getting influenced by the older guys and it has really impacted my city in a negative way. The crazy thing about it is that most times the news does not really appear on the news. Lately, the Cubs have been the trending topic for Chicago. Not to take anything from my sports team, but that over shadows the fact that my people are constantly getting shot and killed day after day. The violence In Chicago in my opinion will never stop unless somebody does something about it. Dear president, I hope this catches your attention and hopefully something can be done about this with your help.

The violence in Chicago has been critical for years and nothing has changed. For example, In 2015, 447 people were shot & killed, 2,559 were shot & wounded, 2,996 were total shot and there were 509 homicides. The year before there were 390 shot & killed, 2,229 were shot & wounded, 2,619 were total shot there were 461 homicides. When you notice that there are only 365 days in a year, these statistics are demented. I think that the environment has to change and laws have to be created and more police officers need to be in Chicago. Maybe that will bring my hopes up, but if not, I will just hope to see 21 years.

Chicago violence is something that really needs to be discussed, future president. I want to see the young people grow up and be something and make a difference in their community and that will keep influencing our young people to make something happen out of their lives. I want to see people in better conditions and live longer lives, Let the young grow up and please let our city see better days.

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