Brianna M. Alabama

Dear Trump

This is a hypothetical letter to Trump if he is elected.

Dear Mr. Trump,

How does it feel to be the continent’s biggest xenophobe, although your wife is of foreign descent? You can’t just build a wall because you prematurely believe every stereotype you’ve heard about minority groups. I don’t see how you could win. You have literally upset every American, with the exclusion of rich, white males. Your motivation to run for president is ill thought-out. You run out of rage. In 2012, Obama offended you and you responded with “I’m gonna have your job one day.” Keep your personal grudges to yourself while you bathe in money, and the poor are starving. I know that you couldn’t care less about these people. If I were rich and white, I wouldn’t care if people were dying and starving in the streets, simply because I’m not experiencing this struggle first hand. It’s always easy to tell another person to fix a problem that you are not going through. With your nonchalance of serious problems, you’ve also never been interested in politics. Money seems to be your main priority. With your lack of political experience, I’m surprised they let you run. Oh, maybe it’s because of your expert experience with fraud (tax returns).

Why can’t you answer a simple question? You are disrespectful and immature. You made the annual Presidential debate into entertainment. I understand that “crooked Hillary” should be in jail, but you should be impeached immediately. Both candidates should be disqualified from this game. Yes, a game. We let two lunatics run for president this year. We honestly can’t think this is a serious situation. These debates are aimed to be serious discussions of major problems in our society. When did they become a two hour long comedy show? Still, many people could see through the distorted concealment of your true plans. It’s simple:  the three Ws is all you want from this presidency: War, Wall, and Wealth. You don’t care about America, and it amazes me how many ignoramuses think you do.

They say children are the best judges of character. I wonder why every baby you’ve ever held screamed like hell?

What a wonderful time of the year, where everyone’s hearts are filled with fear; for more than two reasons. I love how Election Day is so close to Halloween. It carries on the holiday’s nightmarish ending. When I heard that you were running for president I thought “Who’s dumb enough to vote for that racist pumpkin in a wig?” Sadly, many people turned out to be dumb. Although I have been hostile throughout this entire written encounter, there is one thing that I partially agree with. You should build a wall, but make sure that America is on the interior and you are on the outs. This is the only thing that could possibly “Make America Great Again.”