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What a president should be

What a president should be and what qualities and characteristics they should have to be the right leader for America

Dear future president

I think a president should have an extraordinary level of self control over their speech and actions. They should decide, in some cases, what does more harm as a result of America’s decisions. We, as an American nation, also need to respect the capabilities of other nations both militarily and governmentally. A president should also be a true leader who refuses to back down, makes sacrifices that will benefit others, and have the moral strength to make decisions others cannot, even if it hurts themselves in the process.

A president needs to be honest and admit weakness and mistakes, not for their own self gain, but for the future of the greater good of the people and the United States of America. Some say we need to make our country great again, but our country was never any less in significance than when it was first built by our founding fathers who signed our freedom with our Declaration of Independence. A president needs to take pride in the duty to preserve, protect, and defend, the constitution of the United States of America. They also should make their main purpose in life to do so.

Most of all our leader needs patience and understanding with what mistakes we as a country may make. It is difficult to find the right person who meets these needs, but that is why there is only one president and we need to find that one person who will stand tall in times of distress. So I ask you to please consider truthfully to yourself are you the right choice, and do you deserve the title of, President of the United States?

Barnum High School

10th graders

Barnum Mn high school group

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