Keyanna D. Alabama

More Money For Teachers

Teachers are heroes too, and they should be treated as such.

Dear Future President,

Teachers deserve a raise! These men and women teach all of the future doctors, lawyers, presidents, musicians, and writers yet they are both underappreciated and underpaid. Compared to the cost of living, the starting salary at the better end of the spectrum is half of what it takes to survive. Add this struggles with the school systems being unfunded, which causes them to buy supplies from money out of their own pockets, teachers are barely surviving monetarily. You must take into consideration the teachers who have families and are the main source of income. If they do not have enough to live alone, how are they going have enough for their children?

Teachers are crucial to the success of the world. They are the reason that the world keeps spinning. They encourage those who would not have been great otherwise. They are the inspiration some do not have at home with their own parents. Some teachers are the difference between a great astronaut and a homeless person on the street.

So, please, while you are in office, help the real heroes that give the ones we revere their start and their knowledge. Help those who help others. Great teachers equal a great world that will prosper through diversity and obstacles. Let us give back to the ones who dedicate their time, energy, and money for children who are not their own. These extraordinary men and women are our greatest assets and should be treated as such!