Nate L Pennsylvania

College Tuition


Dear Next President,

I hope that you don’t build a wall but you let people into this county with opened arms. I also hope that you will not be racist and mean, but I hope that you have respect for everyone and will respect women as well. Also, for racial profiling, I hope that you don’t jump to conclusions, just like the police have done numerous occasions. 

Another really important issue for me in the price of college. Since I am going to college soon, this affects me. I believe that the price for college is way too high for the students to afford. This makes it hard for kids to get the extra stuff they need like food. College prices used to be so much lower and now people are dropping out of college because they can’t afford it. Also, if they are forced to drop out then they will have debt to pay off for something they didn’t even finish. It seems unfair to me.


Bala Cynwyd Middle School

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