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Student loan debt

If we want to have a strong economy and well educated children then we need to fix the prices of college and adjust the amount of debt that it causes.

Dear future president

       I am writing you today because our college loan and debt situation needs to change because students graduating from college are not making enough to pay off their debt out of college and because less than 60% of students actually graduated and the ones that didn't still had tens of thousands of dollars of debt built up from college. I am connected to this topic because in one year i will be applying for college and I don't have the funds to pay for college.

       Less than 60% of college students are actually graduating in 6 years. People should care because it should only take 4 years and people are wasting time and money by switching majors and failing classes. The text I researched said, “As of 2015 58.6 percent of college students were actually able to graduate.” This quote shows that people aren’t graduating which is costing them more money and more of a waste of their time. Another thing that the text says is how “ Between 44 million loan borrowers in America owe nearly 1.3 trillion in student loan debt.” This quote is showing that as much as college helps with your education Americans aren't making enough in return to pay off their loans after college.

           Since about 40% of American college students are dropping out or don't have the time to finish college this a major problem. This a very large problem because it can lead to depression,anxiety, and large amounts of debt. If students are dropping out they still have to pay the loans back or off, the college won’t just dismiss them from paying their debt. With the amount of debt that people are in is growing because they can't afford to pay it off because either they dropped out or they subject they majored in doesn't pay enough for them to pay it off.

            Nearly 44 million loan borrowers in America still owe up to almost 1.3 million dollars. College students still owing this much money is because of either one of two options. Option 1 They are either not finished with school yet or have flat out just dropped out. Or option 2 the job that they had got after their schooling doesn't pay enough for them to be able to pay off their schooling.

              In conclusion you should try and fix how much of the population is in debt from college loans. The president could do this by raising taxes and lowering college prices. The president should try and help the 40% that aren't able to finish college. 



Mulhere, Kaitlin. "Barely Half of College Students End Up Graduating." Time. Time, 17 Nov. 2015. Web. 07 Nov. 2016.

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