Svetoslav N. Washington

Climate Change

Some countries around the world are taking important domestic actions to help tackle the issue of climate change but not enough people are taking the climate change seriously.

Dear the next President of the United States,

Did you know that the average global sea level is expected to rise 7 – 23 inches before the end of this century I am concerned about an important issue that effects every living thing on the planet Earth. This problem is called the climate change. The Earth has changed by increasing its surface temperature  and this is causing major affects on nature. Many people don't even know what the climate change is. We have to reduce our usage of plastics and fossil fuels. This is connected to climate change because the burning of fossil fuels produce a lot of carbon dioxide which affects the greenhouse effect of the planet Earth. There are many ways that we may take to prevent and hopefully stop the climate change. The carbon dioxide is the climate's worst enemy. This is a problem because we all live on the same planet. If we don't take of our home, no one else will come and help us do it. We depend on that planet and we must stop the climate change increasing more and more .

People may say that the climate change is not an important issue and we're not the only troublemakers  for causing the climate change. On the other hand that might be true. Nature might also play role for causing the climate change. Volcanoes have also caused global warming over millions of years during times in Earth's history when extreme amounts of volcanism occurred, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The primary human activity affecting the amount and rate of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuel. Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at their highest level in 650,000 years. Nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000. In 2012, Arctic summer sea ice shrank to the lowest extent on record. Greenland's ice loss doubled between 1996 and 2005. Global average sea level has risen nearly 7" (178 mm) over the past 100 years. All of the data shows how the climate change has changed the Earth within years. This is evident by NASA.GOV and

There are people that don't even know that climate change is happening and what climate change is. Just 33 percent of those surveyed said that climate scientists understand “very well” whether global climate change is happening, another 39 percent said climate scientists understand this “fairly well.” Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed say climate scientists don’t understand this “too well” or don’t understand it at all. These people should know what the climate change is. Instead having a car for every person in a family, a family should have maximum 2 cars. This will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and also stop the climate change to get even worse. They're car companies that sell electrical cars. If half of the population drives electrical cars, then the climate change will be stopped a lot faster. 

Nations around the world fight against climate change. The energy we use to power our homes and cars can be reduced if the people take simple steps at almost no cost and we can make a difference. One of the biggest human activities that is causing climate change is transportation. If all Americans kept their tires properly inflated, we could say 1.2 billion gallons of gas each year. A simple tune-up can boost miles per gallon anywhere from 4 percent to 40 percent, and a new air filter can get you a 10 percent boost. I am not saying that this should become a law, but these are simple problems that can be fixed without spending any money.

I am convinced that climate change is a major issue that is changing the Earth. The environment and the way of life some things live are being changed in which they're unable to change their natural way of life. If all the people are acquainted with climate change and take simple steps, we can stop climate change from getting worse. I believe that if the people take simple steps, climate change will be diminished.

Svetoslav N

West Seattle High School

6th period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Introduction to Literature

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