Taylor L. Iowa

College Tuition is a Problem

College tuition puts students into debt each year.

Dear Mr/Madam. President,

I am writing to you because I think you should help with cutting college tuition costs down. I’m a concerned junior who wants you to know how I feel about these costs. These tuition costs put many students into debt, and they have trouble paying it off. Even if they have scholarships, grants, student loans, etc they will still have debt. College costs have gone up so much in these past few years. This is why college costs should be lowered.

I know you are extremely busy with making our country better, but this will help so many future generations. “Did you know that public and private colleges and universities expanded their payrolls by 28 percent between 2000 and 2012, more than 50 percent faster than the previous decade.” These costs are affecting future lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. If we don’t have these people in our country, then who will teach us, who will help us cure a disease, or who will help us with a case? These jobs are crucial to have in our society. Since college is costing so much, these future doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc, will have to work the rest of their lives in order to pay off their debt.

Secondly, “The enrollment in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs has increased by almost 50 percent since 1995.” “Since 1971, annual college enrollment has more than doubled in the U.S. to 19.5 million, as of 2013.” These students have a lot of debt after they graduate, and they will be paying these costs for years. “Over the decade from 2001-2011, the share of expenses devoted to “student services” rose from 17 percent of the average school’s budget to 20%.” If students are going to have a lot of debt, they won’t want to go to college in the first place.

Another reason is that many students don’t see the point in going to college if they are going to be drowned in student debt. Every student will have to work for the rest of their lives to pay off this debt. If you were able to cut these costs down, students like me wouldn’t have to worry about our financial debt as much. This would help many because they would be able to focus on their education more. Everyone in government says education is important, so why is college tuition so high? This is a question all students ask at some point during their college experience.

In conclusion, the college costs should be lowered. Many college students would be grateful for these costs being cut. If these costs were cut, parents and students will both be relieved to not have this major debt over their heads. If you cut these costs, students across the country would be very grateful.

Sincerely, Taylor L.