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LGBT rights

This letter is to talk about the issues of the LGBT community. This artical will include a second hand biography. Additonaly, this will discusse how they are treated unequaliy and what the next president should do about it.

Dear future President

I am Mary Mousa and I am a Freshmen at STEM Prep High. This letter is to advocate for you to do something for the LGBT community. LGBT is a community where lesbian, gay, bisexuals and transgender get together to share common day-to-day problems on being themselves in modern society and their gender stereotypes. For the purpose of this generalized term, it will discussed the inhuman treatment that transsexuals receive and their lack of rights as American citizens. It will also be discussed how you, as the president of the united states, can solve this issue.

To start, transgender/ transexual is a stronge conviction one gets with their gender; most times their gender marked on the birth certificate is different from what they personally feel their gender is. The difference between homosexuals and transgender is that homosexuals feel attracted to their own gender. While transgender individuals do not feel justified with themselves by the gender they are marked as on their birth certificate. Some disadvantages that they receive as transgenders: they are more likely not to get a job or serve in the military and are more likely to be harassed by police ,more than the general population. This has become a major issue in the United States and has created many not only social barriers ,but also gender barriers.

Additionally, cyberbullying and bullying in general has increased the chances of transgenders committing suicide by a shocking 75%, according the survey done by GLSEN, most of the students feel unsafe in their school environment which would result in extremely low grade point averages. In some cases Anti-transgender violence(ATV) takes control of how people view differently oriented genders. For example, in 2013 about 300 LGBT members were victims of the ATV. Also, the “Ohio and the Epidemic of Anti-transgender Violence” says “Jacob Nash, Ohio resident and founder of Margie’s Hope, a non-profit organization that assists trans people in need, believes gender norms as the root of the problem.” Meaning that some people were raised to believe that blue was for boys and girls were to wear pink. So when majority of society observes a person breaking this gender stereotype they feel uncomfortable with them, too uncomfortable that they start harassing them.

On a more realistic biography, a student named Justin Drew Blake, female to male, (FtM) shared his story of how unsafe he felt going to school. The sixteen year-old was terrified from gym class because it was were gender identity mattered most. He would have to change in the nurse's office just so that his fellow peers would not judge him; he would stay after class to change in the locker that he felt most comfortable to him. Unfortunately, the mocking and bullying from his peers resulted in him trying to harm himself. By the end of his freshman year he had to move school because of his extremely low grades. However, until this day Justin proudly fights with not going with his assigned gender against society and has gained supporters over the years. Now he is a very successful junior in highschool; with his hopes and dreams yet to come true with two months on testosterone.( hormones to transition from female to male).

If you as a President of the United States want to make America great again. I believe that we should start with accepting the people around us and actually having equal rights for everyone despite their gender and the gender stereotypes they choose to break. I do not know who will be our next leader, but if Hillary: you broke the stereotype of women can’t become leaders. If Trump: you broke the barrier of becoming a president even though your parents are not from here. Current president, Mr. Obama, you broke one of the many chains that hold us back from becoming a more outspoken as a country, your service is very well appreciated.

The most understood concept is that people are only their gender. If they choose to break the cage holding them from living life to the fullest, then majority of society would consider it an act of rebellion and therefore they should be murdered just because they chose to break gender roles that they find holding their abilities back, both physically and psychologically.

All in all, I believe that to better help this country grow it should be recognised that these are humans to. If you are an atheist, these people are made of cells and a heart just like all of humanity. If you are religious, these people were created by the god they believe in for a reason. It is believed that the idea of gender roles have tamed people’s minds and hearts into being so quick to judge these people based on their gender identification.

There is no real way to end this issue of discrimination; however, there is a way to decrease it. Through giving transgenders equal opportunities compared to the rest of the general population, by allowing them to join the military as well as hold stable jobs will increase the idea that these people are just as human as anyone else. Also, making the Anti-transgender Violence illegal transexuals will feel more safe in the community they work in and therefore contribute more to society. Finally, economically speaking, they will be able to raise the economy since are they are 3.8% of the American population.

Thank you,

Mary Mousa 

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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