Ayla S. Michigan

Dog Fighting

Why is dog fighting bad? Is it illegal? Read here and find out!

Dear Future President,

Imagine if you were walking down the street and notice a group of people chanting. As you get closer you realize that it a dog fight. Blood everywhere.

People are fighting dogs. It is mainly pit bulls, but other big dogs are used. This is technically a crime. Police are going into places and finding dead dogs. This is illegal in every state but two. You can change this and make this illegal in every state. People are doing this to win money. Why would you beat a dog and win money for it?

Dogs are suffering. They are being eaten alive. They are being left behind to die; it’s not okay. Why let a dog suffer, after you have known him/her well? It’s just not the right thing to do. It’s hurting dogs. They are using puppies as bait for practice. They think that they are helping dogs, when really they are killing them. Many dogs are bleeding after being used as bait. Dogs are also suffering and many are dying.

This is wasting a dog’s life. A dog’s life shouldn’t be fighting and killing. They should have respect. They should have a loving home. If the dog has a loving home, the dog will be loving. They should not be killing other animals or be killed themselves.

You, Future President, should raise awareness, so that this would not happen as much. It is not fair for dogs to be put in death’s hands.



7th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, Michigan