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In this letter I am talking about the benefits of legalizing marijuana for medical treatment, and also stories of patients that have had experience with cannabis that helped them with their disabilities.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Next President, 

I just want to talk a little bit about a topic I am interested in. I think medical marijuana should be legal because medical studies show it has many health benefits, but is still illegal. First of all, according to Wikipedia, marijuana is said to have been used as early as 500 A.D. There is also a fiber from the cannabis plant that can be used to replace other materials, known as hemp. Marijuana was legalized in California and Colorado, so why do people still think it is bad? It is also beneficial for cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis. Many argue that Marijuana can be abused and it can addicting.  Well,  that is true for anything ; you can get addicted to pills that the doctor prescribes you. According to a NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), marijuana is the most abused drug, but their definition of "abuse" is people using it day to day to get high. Marijuana was also legalized for recreational use, which means people can use it to get high if they want to. Not only do people use it to get high, there is also another form of cannabis, CBD. CBD (cannabidoil) known to come in an oil or lotion.  

According to CNN , a baby girl by the name of Charlotte had Dravet Syndrome which caused her to start having seizures before the age of one. The seizures just became worse the older she got; they can last up to a few hours and come in clusters. She was having 300 grand mal. seizures a week, doctors had her on seven or more medications that had little to no effect on her seizures. The doctor at one point even prescribed her an experimental anti-seizure medication for dogs. Her father then started looking online and came across a video of a boy who suffered the same syndrome but was being treated with cannabis and it helped a lot. Once she was five, her parents knew there was nothing the hospitals could do anymore. They then found a doctor who gave her a medical marijuana card and then life changed. After six months of cannabis treatment her seizures stopped to only once a week. CBD is low in THC, so users don't get high off of it. There are also many more patients that could use this treatment, but they can't because it is illegal. They should have a right to this treatment; they should have a right to be healthy, they should have a right to be happy. 

Marijuana also brought in $135 million in tax for just one year, imagine how much it could bring if all the states legalized it? As president of the United States I hope you support the legalization of marijuana.



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