Sydney N. North Dakota

Affordable Health Care Issues

Health care payments are helping and even troubling some families. Not everyone can afford to buy insurance with a low paying job.

Dear future president,

Obama Care was supposed to make a difference for those who are struggling with health care payments. For my family that wasn’t the case. Now that I am older, I have realized how expensive things can be. My mom is a single parent trying to raise two teenage girls in one household. With a full time job and child support that sometimes isn’t enough. Things need to be bought and bills need to be paid. My dad who got a new job, and he refuses to help with my sister and I’s insurance. For my mom that became a heavy weight of stress over her shoulders but there is nothing we seem to be able to do about it and she doesn’t deserve that.

A balance needs to be issued for health insurance so that everyone pays an even amount based upon what they can and can not afford. Having a lower salary than others can become an issue when you have to be able to afford the same rate as someone who has a higher salary. "Even with the subsidies, some people simply won't be able to manage to pay their health insurance premiums consistently with all the other costs facing them," said Janet Varon. Most people argue that the number of people uninsured has decreased because of the affordable care act that was passed. “Gallup has recorded a drop in the percentage of American adults without insurance from 18 percent in mid-2013 to 13.4 percent by the end of May,” said Margot Sanger-Katz from USA Today. Although this is stated true, I would argue that, even though statistics show a change in percentage that doesn’t mean people are not struggling to pay for something that is illegal not to have.

Obama Care has made a change for thousands across the U.S and it continues to everyday ,but it is not enough. Having to pay the same rate as everyone else is hard for most people to handle. Watching my mom struggle is something I don’t want to see continue and I’m asking that you find a way to change how people pay for insurance that goes along with the total income they make working. Nobody should have to pay more of their yearly salary just trying to keep up with health care.

-Sydney Nelson

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