Sierra S. North Dakota

Pop the Cops?

Police brutality is out of control. You are supposed to be our role model and our leader, what are you going to do, and are you going to be ready for this job?

Dear future President,

What are your plans for this country? For we have many problems of our own but many of them are a lot more precedent than others. One of the main topics in this country, is the way our police are acting and how our country is reacting. As of this point right now, the way this country's law enforcement is being seen, is out of control. Throughout these past couple of years, police have been put in the spotlight; all because they're doing their job. This isn't a situation just for some states as many may think, the police force is a community all across the nation. We are together as a family and every life matters.

Any death by a police officer has justification for every action no matter how it is processed afterward, and they are all to be treated the same as of race and different diverse traits.The debate over race has blown this situation out of proportion. In 2015 alone, cops killed nearly twice as many white people as black people, according to the Washington Post. I find this shocking because we generally learn more about minorities getting injured then we do others.

Police officers go through a substantial amount of training. They go through basic tactics, all the way through use of force. This is where they learn how to recognize certain body language as well as understanding all situations are vastly different. The Training and Professional Services Division, explains that they go through an extensive amount of training and simulations.

Events such as these murders are publicated profusely. Not all newscasters get both sides of the story, they may also let information out at different rates, so you may not get the whole story all the time. One question that should come to mind while listening to these stories, is what provoked the cause of injury or death. What is your take on how this should be changed and what we should do to fix it?

Some say that this is just a racial situation, when it is so much more than that in most cases. Yes racial discrimination is a problem, but so is us not following the law. We have so many different laws and accusations being passed and mentioned, the flareup of activity such as this has been huge. This causes riots and other giant gatherings that post a threat to some extent, causing officers to be on higher alert and tensions rise. With all of this in mind, the law enforcement is just doing their job by trying to ensure us a safe environment even though they are being portrayed as the bad guys. They want us to be able to go home at night to our families, they also have the right to feel safe when getting off duty and going home to their families. They shouldn’t be objectified by just trying to do their job.

So the ball is back in your court, future president. What are you going to do about this issue that we need to get control of? Who is to blame, who should take responsibility, and what are you going to do to fix it. This country needs you to be a leader, are you ready?

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 6

Mr. Thomas' 6th Hr Jr English

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