Mylinh L. California

The Issue of College Tuition

Fear among students is rapidly growing alongside college tuition fees.

Dear Future President,

College is portrayed as a place overflowing with opportunity, development, and knowledge. It is said to be the stepping stone to a lifetime of success. However, the ways to enter is growing more and more limited. College tuition has increased immensely over the past 4 decades, 1,120% to be exact. In this day and age, student debt has snowballed into an unavoidable issue. Hundreds of thousands of qualified students are unable to attend college due to insufficient finances. This issue rapidly limits options after high school. Many universities are notorious for setting extremely unaffordable tuition.

 According to several sources online, the rising fees are allegedly due to the equally increasing student aid. To me, this sounds very unjustified. Grants are something of a treasure for students, yet it is the cause of the skyrocketing tuition? This mighty nation stresses the importance of a higher education, yet it makes it far from many’s reach. Millions of students are breaking their backs for the sake of education, yet it is totally possible that they cannot attend the institution that has long been their end goal. This is our youth, our country’s future that is being prevented from reaching its full potential. 

In the last year, two-thirds of students across America resorted to loans for college. This is a temporary solution, and becomes a likely handicap in the future. Debt is likely to hinder a student’s financial stability following graduation, once obtaining a job. In addition, as the workforce becomes more competitive, employers often expect a more extensive record in academics. Everyone has a right to a quality education. Reduction of tuition fees will improve the overall success rate for the nation. And so, future leader of this nation, I urge you to take what I have said into consideration. With your will and power, throw open the gates to a higher education for all deserving.

Thank you,

Mylinh Lac