JiongYu Piao New York

National Security and Terrorism

Middle East problem with terrorism.

Dear Mr. President


    911 was the most tragic event in the American history. The war on terror started since the 911 , but our country still under the threat of terrorism. The beginning of the terrorism can trace back to middle east problem. America fought the Al Qaeda since 2001 but in other way to gain more benefit, our government start to arm and support Al Qaeda in Libya.  U.S. has been supporting for these terrorist for years to overthrow leaders which we don't like. Syria,Iran,Afghanistan,Turkey,Libya,all those oil rich country has been involved by the United States. Our goal is to invading Arab countries to grab their oil which make our country strong and become once again superpower of world. With our support for the most brutal Arab country ,Islamic terrorism was spread quickly and unstoppable. Saudi Arabia is the most radical muslin terrorists in the world.And yet the U.S. has been supporting the Saudis militarily for years. I highly suggest U.S. stop supporting the dictators in Saudi Arabia who fund terrorists.  If we want to stop terrorism, we need to stop supporting the terrorists first. Only cut off their budget will not stop terrorist rise again, we need to find out what make them become terrorist. 

    My mother works in the church which make me become devout Christian. I know religion can affect people a lot. They can make demon kneeling on the ground , they can also let the angels fall into the hell. Incitement to religious can be most strongest weapon against enemy, we already saw that in our history . when people begins Witch Hunt  in 13th century, they all blindly believe they are doing the right thing, because under the name of god and religion , every thing they did can be describe as justice. Islamic terrorist believe their god Allah will forgive their sins, and even reward them after they sacrifice. They are not blind like people live in the middle age , they are living in the modern society but still again and again make wrong decisions. Sometimes we feel good because we are not the same as them, we are proud to be born in a democratic society. They are  the same , they are proud to be born in a country surround by Islam. Islam is their social, political and economic system, Islamic law is their perfect constitution. They hate us because of the conflict between different civilizations. Conflict between civilization is inevitable, but it can be solved.The blood and the war is not the method of solving the problem . If we want solve problem completely , we should accept their civilization and make them become part of our civilization. My suggestion to you is very simple. We should accept the Middle East refugee and start peaceful conversation with Islam , let them know we are here with good will, create a more predictable and secure future for next generation.


JiongYu Piao 


East-West School of International Studies

Government - 6th Period

EWSIS 12th Grade Government - Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pierini

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