Luke I. Ohio

How do we best control guns?

People are allowed to own a gun and use it freely with a license according to the 2nd amendment. So why is it that so many people are getting hurt by these firearms? Is it that there is not enough education on how to use the gun properly. Or is it that these weapons are being put in to the hands of dangerous people.

Dear Next President:

“If you try to fix violence with violence you do nothing but create more violence”. One of these devastating issues for this countr y is gun control and the safety of guns. First let me start out with what I think America should enforce when purchasing a firearm. I believe that they should have background checks to see if the person has any kind of mental disability or sketchy background, so that they cannot harm or do anything negative with the weapon. So in shootings like the one at Florida night club they can see if they have a criminal record or a mental disability. Then they can’t do anything they have done in the past or make any bad decisions with the gun to harm anyone.

Also I believe that people should have the right to bear arms but if they do they should be educated on how to properly use the firearm, which would provide less misfires and accidents with the firearm. This is important because a lot of misfires and such happen to a lot of unfortunate people who are misfired on kids or anyone because they aren’t supervised at ranges or whilst hunting in the woods, while doing good things with the firearm not meaning to harm anyone.

Next I also believe that if we don’t follow these suggestions the crime or death rate will rise in our country or even the world. This means that these actions need to be taken place by you and world leaders so that all youth and citizens can feel safe and protected in their home countries. These policies that I think should be in Mr. or Mrs. President are those that I think should be those in all the countries all over the world where thing like those terrorist incidents in Paris can be resolved through the control of guns in the right people so big massacres like the night club of Florida and Paris mass murderings will be greatly reduced. Finally another great policy that should be in place for reducing accidents with guns which personally I think is a good idea Mr. or Mrs. President is to enforce a new law making a long term punishment in prison or banishment permanently from guns for life, it would definitely reduce bad gun usage and atop many violent incidents and bad situations. I also believe that people from minorities in the criminal justice system are discriminated and aren’t given a fair chance, so there needs to be a rule in place so that if they judge the person based. There are things like this in the prosperous population that need to be imposed in senate to keep us safe.



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