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The drinking age should be lowered in the US!

Once we're 18, we're adults and can fight for the military, but not have a drink? Unfair!

October 21, 2016

Dear Future President:

For many years the drinking age in the us has been 21 years old the drinking age should lower to 18 because that is when you're considered an adult and in Europe anyone over 18 can drink.

In the United States by the age of 18, you are considered an adult. Some example are that at 18 you can vote, you can pay taxes, you can buy a house, and you can enroll in the army. "Maybe the answer is lowering the drinking age so that kids learn to be responsible about drinking at a younger age." (Peter C). This quote is important because if we lower the drinking age kids will learn to be more responsible and understand what drinking alcohol can do to you just like having the right to vote teaches teenagers that voting is important in our country.

In Europe and other counties, anyone over the age of 18 can drink. ¨Nearly every country in the world has a minimum drinking age. Throughout Europe, anyone aged 18 or older can drink any type of alcoholic beverage they choose, and many countries have even lower legal drinking ages—France and Italy have a minimum age of 16, Switzerland allows 14-year-olds to drink beer and wine but not hard liquor, and Poland has no minimum drinking age at all.”( minimum drinking age). This shows that the us should lower theyŕe drinking age to 18 because that's what europe and other countries are doing.

The 21-and-over drinking age prompts younger Americans, most of whom are perfectly capable of drinking responsibly, to do their drinking in private and in short amounts of time, creating potentially dangerous conditions. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act infringes upon both civil rights and states' rights.peter coors-"I'm not an advocate of trying to get people to drink, but kids are drinking now anyway. All we've done is criminalize them." I think peter is right because most have drank alcohol and all adults do is criminalize them even though when they were kids they were probably drinking to.

Some may say that ¨those under the age of 21 should not drink alcohol because it could be physically damaging to their still developing bodies¨ (minimum drinking age). However, if they are old enough to buy a house then they should be old enough to drink.

You could help with this issue by doing what Europe did. In Europe you are allowed to drink wine but not hard liquor. In Europe, they also are allowed to drink at age 18. By doing this you could be creating a safe place for teenagers to drink.

This is why I think the drinking age in the US should be lowered to 18. If Europe, France, and Italy all have a lower drinking age than 21 then the US should be lower than 21 too. Thank you Mr.president for taking the time to read this because I think it's an important topic that could change our country.


Matthew Cooley

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