Amelia R. Ohio

What social issues are taking over the US?

As a country we have many social issues. What are some social issues? How can we address them? The US is slowly falling apart because of this. People are being forced to do things because of gender. People are being discriminated for being unique. All around the world there are social issues that need to be addressed. How can we stop this?

Dear Next President:

The United States has many social issues that the new president should do something about. One is sexism. As citizens, we can help with this problem.

The US has quite a few social issues. Sexism is stereotyping or discrimination against people, typically women. Many men and women are treated differently in most countries just because of gender, and many men have more rights than women in most countries and they sometimes take advantage of that. In the past women were only allowed to clean, cook and take care of kids. They weren't allowed to vote, have a voice, or help in any way.

Some men have more job opportunities or at work the boss may favor men and the women may never get to do anything big for the company. Men may also have to work less hours than women and still get paid the same or they work the same number of hours and the man gets paid more. Many women are forced or assumed to do all of the cleaning and cooking in houses. 

Many women are abused physically and/or emotionally because men think that they are superior. Some men treat women like they are worthless. Some places like clubs ban women from going inside. Some sport teams don’t allow women to play with them even if women are allowed. Some men think that when they get married that they own their wife. Sexism is a big social issue that the US has that needs to be fixed.



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