Tim P. North Carolina

Gay Marriage

To abolish the marriage of gays.

Dear President Of The United States Of America,

I want to underscore a very controversial problem that is occurring in present day America. This problem is demolishing the very foundation of which America was formed. Therefore, I pray that God will bestow upon you the grace and wisdom that you need in order to restore the Biblical fundamentals that once buttressed our nation. The problem to which I refer is simply this, the legalization of marrying the same sex.

There is a divergent sword that draws the line to separate good from evil. The Word of God is that sword that divides the wrong from the right. I base my beliefs solely on the Word of God, as it addresses the problem of gay marriage. Same sex marriage is one of many abominations that God hates. In the Holy Bible, Leviticus 18:22 says “ Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination”. This verse is self-explanatory; it means that if a man loves another man as he would a woman it disgusts God. God does not hate the person that falls into Satan's traps, he hates the sin in which they have been engaged. Therefore, I also hate the sin but love the person as Jesus Christ does. When God created man and woman, it was his intention for them to be unified through marriage. God did not make Adam for Steve neither did He create Eve for Amanda.

I truly fear for the people that commit this horrific sin. In fact, there are 1,206,486 gay people that have been married in the U.S.(Statistic Brain) The legalization of gay marriage is a direct attack on my beliefs as a born again Christian. I am truly offended by the government's action. I do fear the wrath of God on all those who take part in this abomination. You see, if you allow this sin to be accepted, it is as worse as the sin itself. For example, say you are part of a bank robbery and you are the getaway driver. Although you yourself did not rob the bank, you are tried in court as robbing the bank. So I humbly ask that you take my advice and not defame your reputation.

In conclusion, I will indeed be praying for the next president of the United States of America, for the next president will have a lot on his or her plate and will need nothing but prayer. I ask the future president this simple request to abolish the same sex marriage law and restore to our great nation the Word of God.