Hector H. California

College should not be expensive

It needs to be more equal and fair

Dear next president my name is Hector Hernandez I am from California aged 15 and I am aware that there are many problems in this world but the one that I think is the most important to address is that college is too expensive. Many people try to get on top to be the best because that is the only way to get into a college or simply pay to get in but the price is ridiculously high and range into the ten thousands or more and most people don't have that money. I hate how it has to be that way because many people have qualities and talents that are not shown because they simply can’t go there because of their grades or they have to pay for a full class and price. I thought everybody was created equal so why can’t you make school equal by reducing prices greatly or build many universities or colleges that are free to go to so everybody is equal. America has been becoming equal since 1863 when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation but it took 200 years in the 1770s till 1963 when Martin Luther King Jr. Gave his I have a Dream Speech and then everyone came along and lived in peace.

You have the power to stop this please everyone should be able to go anywhere they want to just people who did better in school have an advantage and people who did not try have to go to community college if they want to transfer out to a better college. What I am saying is that people with a 2.0 or higher should have life easy because they actually tried their best in school so they deserve an advantage but people with a 1.9 or below still could transfer colleges which means they have to try. It would solve many problems because it makes it easier to get into a school you want to go because mostly everyone deserves that. One thing that should remain the same is of course is how much you get paid if you do better you get paid more if you did not do so well not as much but relatively the same so it is fair. Another thing I hate is how some people feel bad on where they go because they could not go to their dream school that needs to change because everyone who really does try should go where they want to. Next President work on these changes.

I would also suggest that people in High School or even in lower grades should be able to take any class they want but it has to be academic so they can get an advantage in college and don’t have to take that class so they can be done quicker all they have to do is sign up. This would solve many problems because anybody no matter how low or high their grades are anybody can take any class they want and drop it if they wish but still they must complete the graduation requirements of high school so they can graduate but can get early ahead on. I have noticed some people who are ahead academically but it should not be like that everyone deserves it not just them. This is why some kids ask themselves if they are dumb but they are not nobody is dumb everyone is their own different person with their own qualities and traits and from what I have heard from Katy Perry is that ‘’You don’t have to feel like a waste of space you're original cannot be replaced’’ means that you are great don’t feel bad about yourself. Make all schools have a signup sheet where kids can get ahead rather than colleges making us take classes we require but could have done them in high school and it is free and it doesn’t matter what your grades are and no one can discourage you that you should not be in that class.

The last thing I want is that getting into colleges should not be all about academics but more on talents and skills. There are many people with great talents and skill that are not recognized and I think they should because most of them put effort into school and their special talent. I know there are Scholarships but we need more of them because they need that attention and ignoring them is not making the world a better place. These people have lots of things to tell about themselves but can’t cause simply schools won’t accept them on their campuses because their grades are not acceptable to them. Everybody has their own story schools need to hear them and their voices because they are newsworthy unlike celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Next President I hope these changes do come it will mean a lot to me and many other people who agree on this they will literally love you for it. Everybody deserves equality and fixing school will be a solution. There will be less stress into getting into colleges for many new people who are deciding to go to that school and that is great because it leads to less problems in life. People who work and try to do their best deserve many great things ahead of them but people who do not do work don’t deserve it as much but can change their attitude to deserve anything they want. I really do hope you like these ideas next President because you are now in charge and must address them.


Hector Hernandez

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 A / Period 2

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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