Macy G. Ohio

Change the Challenge of Child Abuse

Do you know someone that has physically or mentally abused? Child abuse is a very important issue in our world that effects a great amount of people. Protecting, preventing, and spreading awareness for this horrible problem must be done. Children all over the world are living in harmful conditions by being abused. Put and end to this destructive problem and save the lives of many.

Dear Next President:

There are many issues concerning America today, including the horrible result of child abuse has had on the world. Some issues I believe are important are abortion, immigration and most of and child abuse. Child abuse is an extremely important issue I believe needs to be addressed. It also prevented, and awareness needs to be spread. This alarming topic effects any people across the world and causes so many people physical and mental pain. Many things need to be done to prevent this horrible thing.

Child abuse is a horrible issue that needs to be understood in more than one ways. Child abuse affects people across the world and is a major problem that once again needs to be addressed. Individuals all around are living in destructive homes where they are often physically abused by their parents and or guardians. These horrible home situations need to be recognised and put an end to. These kids, that have gone through tremendous pain, need to be helped through their darkest times. This important issue needs to be addressed in any way possible to help these kids that truly need it.

Child abuse, along with being addressed, needs to be prevented to help kids around the world live in safer environments. This issues needs to be prevented for many reasons including how children are affected by this problem and are undergoing large amounts of pain that affects them mentally and physically. These children lack positive, protective, and prosperous influences on their lives. Along with the horrible act of how their guardians are putting great amounts of pain onto them. Prevention of this significant problem will result in fewer problems like this in the future. This will eventually have a large enough impact on people that the problem will almost be completely eliminated. Prevention of this very significant issues will have a wonderful impact not only in America but helping child all over the world.

Finally, awareness about this topic needs to be spread throughout America and the rest of the world. This issues is very harmful and alarming to many people around the world and if awareness can be spread to address and prevent child abuse an significant impact will be made. Spreading awareness on this problem could change how people parent and stop the extreme problem of child abuse. People need to know the pain children affected by child abuse go through on a daily basis, to be able to address, prevent, and add awareness to this alarming matter.



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