Michael M. New Jersey

Standardized Tests

Standardized test are very important for children's future and the system is great as it is.

Dear President Elect Trump,

My name is Michael Mak and I want to talk about standardized testing in schools. I like how standardized testing currently is. Although the arguments, I think it shows how smart students are. For instance, they show that China, who has had a long history of standardized tests, lead the World in math, reading, and science in 2009. When I take my school’s test, The Terra Nova, I like getting my scores so I could see how I did compared to other students. Most students, teachers, and parents agree that standardized test are fair.

The current system is great but there is always room for improvement, Like, maybe showing what student got wrong so they could correct it next time. Also, maybe having different level of the test. I always finish the part I have to do at least 20 minutes before the required time frame. The test could be harder based on past test scores.

I think is great that students take the test although their school life. It helps them practice for test to get into high schools and colleges. As well as if they need to take a test for their career like lawyers and pilots do.

Students take standardized tests to seriously. This is what causes stress. Students need to realize it is just test. The test might be a little longer than normal but is no need to worry. Students should do whatever makes them calm before they take the test. I believe students do worse if they are worried about a test.

That is, my take on standardized test. I really hope you take some of my ideas into consideration and keep them the way they are. However, it is your choice but I hope you make a good choice that benefits students.


Michael Mak