John G. New Jersey

Tablets vs. Textbooks In Our Schools

Technology has so many more ways to be utilized than text.

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump,

Congratulations on your victory! I feel I can trust you on considering my argument on the topics of using technology in our elementary and high schools. I feel that technology holds a tight grasp on how our children develop our future. Using technology for education will give students more outlets to use for studying, homework, and projects that print textbooks simply don’t offer.

First of all, why do we use technology? Some people might say that technology is used for innovations, for work, for recreation; but in all truth, there is no right answer! Technology is used for all of the above. Students with this amount of information behind their fingertips is simply unrivaled by textbooks that only have limited amounts of information available to readers.

Also there are obvious costs. Textbooks cost $250 per student per year, and are only good for one student. However, laptops, tablets, and other devices cost as low as $100 per student, and are useful for the years of their education, and beyond! This is obviously an issue that can be resolved. It isn’t exactly the most difficult decision ever.


John G.