John D. New Jersey

Tablets Vs Textbooks

Textbooks vs Tablets

Textbooks Vs Tablets

Dear Mr. Trump Have you ever got a bad grade on one of your projects because of one of your sources? This has happened to me. Tablets are great but not for everything, because there is so many untrusted sources you might not only ever chose the right one. I want textbooks because they have strong facts and usually are never wrong. I will always try and use textbooks over tablets. If we only use tablets many kids will go home with migraines from looking at that screen all day. If we only use tablets and our tablets get lost or stolen the schools will lose a lot of money. With this money we could get better desks more comfortable chairs. Manufacturing one tablet takes up 66 pounds of carbon dioxide. If we take away that much carbon dioxide from trees they will die and the less trees we have the less oxygen we have and if we have less oxygen more people will die. This is my opinion on textbooks vs tablets.


John DeBenedictis