Jason L. New Jersey

Animal Testing

I am against animal testing

Dear President-elect Trump,

There are many animals that are losing lives because of experiments that hurt them. There are a million animals that are used every year as experiments and sometimes getting hurt or killed. They are not protected by Animal Welfare Act that helps the animals stay alive. Animals are not treated so well either they are treated with poor care with force feeding,forced inhalation,food, and water deprivation. Which could make the animal an endanger species. People are using animals as models and making bad test on them,and not using the proper tools or materials. So the animal would get injured badly or die. Do you want that to happen to innocent beings for nothing they did wrong?

The pills animals have like the sleeping pill if it is use on an animal that is going to have a baby the baby animals could have diseases. Those diseases could not be cured or kill the animal that could start a great new life. Instead it gets killed for nothing that animal did to humans. Do you think that's right for that to happen to baby animals? Some researchers are using the wrong treat that could kill animals not cure them. So like label every cure so you can cure the animal and not kill it. Animals should be treated with care not just experiments.


Jason Ligouri