Jonathan New Jersey

Costs Of College :)

Dear Future President,

I'm writing to you about the costs of education, specifically the cost of going to college. Just about 6% of money spent by Americans comes from College funds. In matter of fact the average amount of debt that each person is in after college ends up being 28,950 dollars, and most people coming straight out of college can't find a job because they don't have the experience or knowledge to do that job, and no one wants to hire them because they only have an associate's degree, and no other jobs to put on there resume. That means that they have no way of paying off the debt unless they take out a loan and they would have to pay the same amount of money back in the future anyways so that doesn't help. I believe that college cost should be lowered for all the students who have a B average at least by 50%, the college could make fundraisers for the school, and they would still get 50% of the money that they would usually get. Which would be around 14,475 per person with a higher average than B, and normal prices for a C average and below. For all the students with a B average this would show that hard work is rewarded, and would make them want to work harder to reach there goals. On a study by the average person with a Bachelors degree makes 53,000$ per year, but on the other hand the average person with no college degree and only a high school diploma makes 24,000$ per year, thats almost half of what a person with a college degree makes and without a degree in college you would only make half of what the average person makes which is 52,000$ per year, and the only way to get a degree is to pay for classes, which means you need a job and you still have to study, do homework, and go to school on a daily basis and the current poverty level for a family of four is 24,000 dollars the exact money that you make without a degree.