Tamia B. New Jersey

Tablets are more Convenient than Textbooks

Students would benefit from having tablets.

Dear President Elect Trump,

        I am Tamia B from Saint James School in Woodbridge, New Jersey. I want you to take an action on having online textbooks on tablets, instead of having textbooks. According to ProCon.org students who used an interactive, digital version of an algebra textbook on Apples Ipad in Claifornia Riverside Unified School District, in 2012 scored 20 precent high on standerized test, vs. students who learned with print textbooks. So to me that proves that having a tablet instead of a book is alot better. In my opinion children my age work better on devices that we can digitally interact with.

       The books that we have in our backpacks cause back injuries. In 2011-2012, children of the ages 5-18 have been treated in hospitals because of backpack related injuries. One time I weighed my backpack and it was 7 pounds that is a lot to be holding on my back. 77% of teachers found technology to increase student motivation to learn. I agree with that 77% of teachers, because in my school when we work on the chromebooks I feel that I have a better chance of understanding, because it helps me with spelling, dictionary definitions, and I get my work done much faster.

         The average tablet contains 8 to 64 gigabytes which can hold up to 1,000 books! The average textbook weighs up to 3.64 pounds we have 5 textbooks and 3.64 times 5 is 18.2, imagine if students have to bring home multiple textbooks which I have had to do in the past, and my bag was too heavy so I had to carry them in my hands. If we had tablets it would be way easier to commute with then having to lug around textbooks.

       I feel that if I had a tablet it would be much easier because users can sign in and out of an email to access all of their information. They can use it at home and at school, to do homework, and finish assignments. In conclusion I want you as The President of The United States to take an action and help the schools and students especially take care of themselves and their education by having the source of tablets.


                                                                                                                                         Tamia Burton 7B

                                                                                                                                      Saint James School