Danielle N. New Jersey

My Letter to President Elect Trump

I believe that tablets are much more efficient than textbooks.

Dear President Elect Trump,

My name is Danielle, and I am writing you this letter to inform you about why US schools should only have tablets instead of textbooks. Tablets would be the smartest choice for schools, because it is a known fact, that most students in schools learn faster, and understand the concept better when they are learning with an electronic device, or visual ideas of the subject. This is true, for me and most of my classmates, because we all believe that we learn faster when we know that we have the internet at hand, because when you have the internet, you can search for anything, at anytime, anywhere.

Another reason why you should make all schools have tablets over textbooks, is because most students used the online Algebra 1 book in high school, and scored 20 percent higher on their standardized tests. This is a great improvement for many schools and for students. If all schools across the nation get tablets, this would mean that most students will be getting better grades, and will be able to get into better high schools, and even better colleges. With all of the students getting better grades in grammar school, they will have a greater chance to get into an amazing high schools, which will get them into an ivy league college.

Some other reasons why tablets are much more efficient, rather than textbooks, is that tablets can hold hundreds of textbooks, on only one device, plus, homework, quizzes, and other important files, which is eliminating the need for storage space for books in the classrooms, and the use of some classroom supplies. This means that schools would not have to purchase multiple one use notebooks, for every student, because if each student had their very own tablet, they could save thousands worth of notebooks, and workbooks, in a year.

The last reason that I will mention on why tablets should replace textbooks in all US schools, is because during the 2011-2012 school year, over 13,700 children, aged 5-18, have been treated in hospitals, and doctors offices, due to back injuries, from large books in their backpacks. Like I mentioned in my last paragraphs, if all students had their own laptops, which they can only use in school, and at their homes, for homework, take home quizzes, etc., their backpacks would be lighter, and doctors offices and hospital buildings, would not have so many children's visits. I hope that you make the right decision, and make all students wishes come true, and have all US school get tablets for all of their students.


Danielle Nagy