Shelby Hershberger California

Stop Immigration

The next president should concentrate on stopping the mass illegal immigration in America.

Dear future president,

I would like to bring to your attention the amount of illegal immigrants that continue to enter America and take American citizens jobs and money. We need to decrease the amount of illegal aliens in our country, and better mediate who enters our country since it is also making our country a more dangerous place. With people that are illegally here, the crime rate also raises since people are looking to get more money if they canโ€™t find a job.

Some people come here looking for a better life, but going about it the wrong way by coming here illegally and not becoming a citizen. They come here working hard labor jobs and living on hard earned tax dollars by using food stamps and EBT. We also have people coming here from Middle Eastern states, thus raising our threat to terrorism.

I believe we should do our best to go about lessening the amount of immigrants entering this country to make our country safer, and more pure.


Shelby Hershberger