Peter S. Ohio

Illegal Immigrants

Immigrants are getting disrespected in many ways and should be helped more. They have to escape they country and all we do is just disrespect them. Imagine how you would feel if everyone disrespected you in a country you just moved in.

Letter to Mr/Mrs. President

Dear Next President:

Start focusing more on the large amount of illegal immigrants that cross the border into our country. Immigrants are affecting the world a lot and should be noticed more.

The first point I would like to make about immigrants is that the immigrants should not get disrespected because of their race or how they speak or what religion they practice. Immigrants from Central or South America should be treated equally. Especially kids from these parts of the world. This is important to me because I feel that everybody should be treated equally. This is important to the world because if we keep disrespecting these people they will start causing havoc. This could be in wars or protest that could endanger other people. We canโ€™t let these people build up anger or bad things could happen to the world. We already have a law that all people need to be treated equally but now we need to enforce it. We need to stand up for everybody in this world

The next point that I would like to make is that every child immigrant needs to find a home with good shelter and food. You can not always control child immigrants going and telling people that they are immigrants but you need to spread the word to people that they need to help kids that look homeless on the road. There should never be kids laying down in the corner of an alley or or the streets somewhere. These children should always have homes. This is important to me because children should always have the best chance to prosper in life. It is their choice if they want to be prosperous or not but they should always have a chance in succeeding. This is important to the world because children are the next generation and we need them to be ready to work and keep the world from falling apart.

The last point that I would like to make is that if child or adult immigrants have done bad things or start doing bad things in the United States the court should have the right to kick this person out of the U.S.A. This important to me because I do not want to feel harmed by people that can cause trouble to this country. This is important to the world because we do not want to start more havak in this world



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