Kaila J. California

Police brutality

To serve and protect?

Dear Future President,

         A country wide problem that a lot of families have to face. A tear jerking problem, and as a country we ALL have to deal with it. Back when I was younger I remember when almost everyone wanted to be a police officer. This summer I asked my younger cousin why he didn't want to be a police officer and he uttered to me," because they kill people when they feel like it." Police officers scare the living day out of so many people now. When there is trouble in sure there is hesitation of whether to call the police or not. I want to continue to live in a country where I know I am safe and respected. I want to have a son a not have to worry about him being killed by an officer. To many unarmed Americans have been killed in the last 2 years. In police training they are required to spend 60 hours on fire arm skill, which teach to shoot on leg or arm once or twice. Why are people shot in the head? The chest? More than 16 times? Why are Americans dying? The biggest question is why are not enough officers convicted or murder? So many have walked, and I don't understand and never think I will. We would like a change. We would like to be able to call when we are in danger. Help us live and change our system. 

         Sincerely, Kaila J.