Anthony H. Illinois


We need to help the poor to live a better life.More than 1.3 billion people are poor and we need to help.

We need to help the poor because more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty.We have to reduce the number of people living in poverty.A way to do that is to offer the homeless jobs,give them shelter,and give them food.They will live with better lives if they are not poor and god knows that.

The heart of it is creating jobs that yield a living income. Restoring prosperity, ensuring that the economy functions at or near full employment, is our most powerful anti-poverty weapon. We need more, though—a vital union sector and a higher minimum wage, for two. We also need work supports—health care, child care, and help with the cost of housing and postsecondary education. These are all income equivalents—all policies that will contribute to bringing everyone closer to having a living income.

Wendell Primus and Kathryn Porter argue in the following viewpoint, which is based on a study they coauthored for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.According to how can the poor be helped 2011 Tim Ogden and Anders Gustafson, governments and individuals in a mutually beneficial social contract—extremely poor families receive cash assistance and "for the government, the program's conditions help promote long-term investments in human capital which will hopefully lower the cost of future social services.

Most economists, however, say the best way to reduce poverty is through stronger economic growth. Growth means more jobs, a surefire anti poverty plan. Building a strong economy means keeping taxes and government spending low.

In conclusion you should try to get everyone to at least give the poor money,shelter,food,and job.If they don’t have shelter then they will be soaked when it rains.If they don’t have food then they will starve to death.If they don’t have a job then they can’t buy shelter,food,and pay taxes if they get a house.


Anthony H.

Gurrie Middle School

5-6 LaBud ELA

5-6 LaBud ELA

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