Luis G. Illinois

Distracted Driving

Here are some ways we could end distracted driving

Dear future president,according to CNN everyday 8 people die because of distracted driving. You could be the victim or the person that causes the accident,the victim could be a kid,a father, a mother, and all because you could not ignore the ping you killed one or more of them,you also could have injured them. If you are the victim or the people that know the victim you are not looking to die but out of nowhere a car hits you,if you know the victim you would be sad maybe angry with the person who caused the accident.What I am trying to say is it could affect anyone knowing the victim,you being the cause of the accident,or the victim himself. I think this could be prevented if we make a mandatory app or do something else that could possibly end distracted driving.

Having a mandatory app for distracted driving could end it if we put it on every phone. The mandatory app could disable your ability to get or send a text message/phone call. If people are sending texts they could be to distracted and all it takes is a glance for someone die or get injured from distracted driving. If we do this it could possibly eliminate this problem,and make it safer to drive.

We could also lower the prices for things like grove,according to cnn is a device that goes in your car that when you get a text message it would text the person back saying you are driving. If we lower the prices then more people would buy these things and could reduce the risk of getting killed/injured in an accident. Not everybody might buy them but if we lower the prices than more people would buy them, and that could reduce the risk of them getting in a accident.

The last thing we could do is reinforce the fact that this illegal, because

even though it is people still do it and think it is ok. We could make way more harsher punishments than this, like more days in jail,a higher fee to the victims loved ones,never being able to drive again, or we could take away their phone. If we as a punishment disable their phone so it would super hard to do anything on it than people would not want to do it any more.

What you as a president can do is pay more attention to this,make harsher punishments,make an app,or lower the prices for things like grove. If you do these things you could make the streets safer,and eliminate a big problem,8 people every day die from this,all it takes is a glance,so eliminate this problem if you can.

Sincerely, Luis G