Ashanti A. Illinois

"Racial Inequality Needs To Change"

Everyone should be treated equally.

Did you know that out of 1 million people in america 5 black males out of those people will be killed by police and only 2 white males will be killed by police.

Racial inequality is just another way of racial discrimination a person is discriminating another person just because of what they look like, dress like, and how they come off to people. African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. That is 5 times higher than for white men as the same age. Do you know why 1,134 black boys and men were killed in the year 2015 by police officers? It is because their is Racial Inequality in America today.

One case was found in New York City around april, an unarmed african american man named Akai Gurley was killed by a rookie cop, in a dark stairwell and the cop Peter Liang was only sentenced to 5 years probation. This is really horrible that police are getting light jail time for these vicious crimes that they are committing to unarmed black boy and men. It’s like the court system just doesn’t care about the people who are killed but care about the person who killed them. And because of these innocent people getting killed by these police officers this is a reason why we have Racial Inequality on the world and it really stop, because if it doesn’t almost half of the African American population will go down tremendously.

Another case was found in Minnesota around march, an unarmed african american man named Jamar Clark was killed in a fatal shooting by 2 not 1 but 2 police officers and they didn’t face any criminal charges. That is sad that policemen can just roam around the streets shooting innocent victims and then get either a light sentence of jail time or No jail time at all. Like i said before the court system does not care about who the police officers are killing these days they just care about the police officers. These cops killing these unarmed black is just another way a Racial Inequality they are not giving equal rights to the innocent people they kill, they go by off their looks and how they act and its really disappointing and it needs to stop immediately

And this is why i think Mr/Mrs president that Racial Equality is a big thing in america today and it needs to change quickly. There can’t be anymore African American men and boys dying and their families devastated over their untimely death. So Police officers need to have a way bigger consequence for killing someone, yes they are police officers and they help protect us but when they kill another person that hasn't done anything but just walk down a street or go into a store or leave their house that is a huge problem. And if you do change this problem then more people will be treated equal and be able to walk down the street or walk out of their house and not fear “what’s gonna happen”.. Our america we be a whole community that gives people the equality and respect they deserve.

Thank you! - from Ashanti Agee