Charlie B. Illinois

Terrorism In The U.S

Terrorism in the U.S is increasing and it is affecting our country tremendously. We must find a way to stop it.

Dear President

Terrorism is a huge problem in the world right now. More than 30,000 people

die from terrorist attacks every year. Every since 911, terrorist attacks have increased and new groups have been spawned including ISIS. So to reduce these attacks, I think we need to focus more on stopping ISIS.

After attacking Paris, ISIS said themselves that America could be a possible threat. To prevent this from ever happening we need to stop ISIS before they attack us and other countries.

According to FOX news, 8 out of the 10 European countries called ISIS their main threat. They’ve been a threat to 8 European countries. Imagine what they can do to America.

Terrorist attacks had been increasing since 911 but ISIS has made it increase even more. In 2015, terrorist attacks occurred in almost 100 countries—up from 59 in 2013—according to the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database.

So ISIS is a huge threat and must be eliminated. Our community can help by donating money to the army so we can have an army strong enough.

Sincerely, Charlie B.