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distracted driving changes lives

distracted driving is never worth anyone's life

In 2014, 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 people are injured in car accidents involving distracted driving. In 2009 there was an accident with alex brown a seventeen year old .Alex brown was texting and driving she had gotten into a severe accident. The family had said “ i was a normal day” she did not have to go to school until 9:30 because of her college classes she was taking in high school she says katrina(her daughter ) and herself had headed on to school. When her dad left he said i'm leaving and alex said wait up and came out of her room and gave her dad a big old hug and moved her hair to the side like always and her dad gave her a kiss and then he left not knowing it was the last time seeing her. About at 9:30 they received a call and it said that alex had not made it to school and the wanted to know if she was supposed to be there that day , of course she was. She would never answer her phone so her mom went to the office and said she had to go look for her and in her heart she just knew that alex had taken the back road and she was not supposed to because it was a very dangerous road and that is where her mom found her truck .alex had lost control of the vehicle and flew out the windshield. the truck rolled over her and crushed her . in the hospital they told alex family that she was was not going to make it they said that they had lost her several times ,and they needed to know what they wanted to do . Her father and mother had to make the decision to let her go . about 6 months before the accident she had wrote a message on her father's windshield with a dry erase marker that said alex hearts you her father says it is still there and he can't bring himself to wipe it off he says he looks at it every day . after alex died her mother got on the internet to check her phone record and her husband came up to her and said what are you doing her mother said i want to know if she was texting and driving he says she was and he father says that with kids that age it is more of an addiction they have to be texting or talking to someone at all times .it did not only change her life but a lot of other people to i causes her sister so much sadness because she misses just seeing her smile and her parent don't gent to do what they would have been able to do they did not see her go into college and graduate they did not even see her graduate high school because of an accident that could have been prevented.we need to find more ways to help teen and everyone deal with there distracted driving and find ways or solutions to prevent it because one day it could be you.

10 percent of drivers 15 to 19 years old are involved in fatal crashes. This age group is the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted at the times of their crashes .kids at this time are distracted by texting, cell phone or smartphone use ,eating or drinking, talking to passenger ,even combing their hair , reading , figuring out navigation systems ,watching videos, and figuring out what music they want to listen to. Many of all the incidents that happen are because of cell phone use on the road . i think people that have been stopped should because they were using their phone should be told to go listen to all stories that have ended in such horrible tragedies.just because they are some horrible tragedies they still can be very inspirational to people so they are influenced to not do it no more . People need to be warned about what can happen .In alex’s story she died because of texting and driving and her dad would always tell her you know don't drive and text you can get into a car accident and she looked straight in the eyes and told him that only happens to other people and she ended up being in a very severe accident. A Lot of people think that if they have done it plenty of times that they are going to be okay and that they will be fine but many people get injured in just a day from that.

It is not just texting and cellphone use that can distract you are running late and you need to do stuff in you car that can distract you such as brushing your hair having your breakfast or get a thing out of you bag it can take your eyes off the road you should not have to do it because it can be very saver. In just that split second something could go very wrong and you are not only putting you life in danger but the people around you. In minnesota june 30 2014 there was a crash that lead to adreas death a mother of 2 daughters and one who had a loving husband . she was killed by a distracted driver who was one his phone and was not paying attention to the road when he struck the mother andrea and her 2 daughters who were riding a bike on the side of the road . andrea was given spr when they told her husband that she had unfortunately not made it .and her daughter who was only 4 years old had a punctured lung five broken ribs and a cracked vertebrae in her neck with tubs in her helping her stay alive it is just something a dad has does not need to see in his daughter. The driver says he is so sorry and he always knows what happened and that he took someone else's life. It is something he has to live with every day of his life now and he sees that him being distracted did not only affect him but that innocent mother a children We need to learn that it affects many more people and not just us.

I think that there should be a place where if people feel like they need help to be able to go there to get the special help he or she needs. Something that you can do from your part is to help find a place where people can go share their stories and that will help other people and not just themselves it is somewhere where they can tell their story were they know people are not just going to here the story but to get help out of it. Something i can do is get the message out distracted driving changes lives in very different ways . people should not have to feel unsafe while they are on the road.