Vy T. Georgia


Healthcare should be available for everyone.

Dear Next President,

Everyone should have a right to life. Healthcare should be available for everyone. Health management shouldn’t be free, but the cost should be reduced. Most people can’t afford healthcare and are in need of it.

Granted, poor people are already suffering. The suffering can only increase if they get injured. Healthcare costs continue to rise and are becoming less affordable each day. According to National Health Expenditures, the cost of healthcare for an individual is $9,523 annually. How are people supposed to function if healthcare isn’t even an option for them because of its high expense?

Although this might be true, there are ways you can fix this problem. A possible solution can be to provide free or reduced healthcare cost to people who cannot afford property. For example, if you are over 21 and cannot buy a house, car, or a building, the government should help pay for your healthcare. This will help them save money for their everyday needs. The annual wage for an average American is $51,939 according to the Household Income of the United States. For the less fortunate, that kind of money is enormous. Therefore, to parents with children, it is hard to afford healthcare. Kids should have free healthcare for a period of 2 years. This helps the family save money and get situated without having to worry about their child’s health.

In conclusion, everyone in the U.S. should have a chance to know their health status and have healthcare. Although there are many other things to worry about and in need of the money, we all need to be well to function first because health is everything. In the end, life is short so it’s right to live a healthy one and make the best out of it.


Vy T.