sabrina Georgia

Options for Vegetarian and Vegans

We need more options for vegetarian and vegans.

Dear Future Leader of America,

As you walk into the lunch line, what do you see meat, meat, and more meat. How do you think that feels to a vegans and vegetarians? What are their options a salad with eggs. How can you guarantee that what their eating is fresh, or maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that has been frozen for how long? What if they have a peanut allergy? Have you ever thought about that? That’s why schools should have more options for vegans and vegetarians.

According to a vegetarian’s food resource website three percent of middle schools students are vegetarians and four percent are vegans. That’s about seven percent of kids who can’t eat most of our school lunch. Sure that might not be the highest percent, but I though all students matter. Many of the students who are vegans and vegetarians are based on health, preference and religious reasons. Unfortunately our schools don’t provide enough lunch options for our non-meat eating students. The only option that’s always there is an old wilting salad. The federal education budget is 78 billion dollars; the school lunch allocation is about a quarter of that 20 billion dollar, and they can’t even provide us vegetables. Crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes!? That’s nonsense!

What makes sense is fresh vegetables sure that might cost lots of money but, many students will actually eat that salad now because it won’t be old anymore. We might actually save money that used to get thrown in the trash can. We could even make other things other than salad, for example Vegetarian lasagna, casserole, anything without meat. Many of our students go hungry because they don’t have anything to eat or any options. That’s why we need to make those different options. Now they can go home with a full belly.

As a nation we need more options for our vegetarians and vegans students. Even as a minority our nations needs to include 100 percent. We need the absolute best for our future students to grow and run this nation.


Sabrina N.