Jossalin H. Georgia


Dear Future President,

Poverty in America is an issue that must end. People all over are suffering from low wages or no wages at all. As our next president, this should be a big part of your role. Adults, seniors, and even children are in poverty. Poverty is ruining America all together. Being a good president means being good to America, however this issue is huge. How would you feel if you couldn’t put food on the table for your family? You would feel horrible, fix this problem, and help your nation.

As the future promise to America, you should think greatly of this. To stop poverty, you could create more jobs. Employment is a great way to end poverty in our nation. All coming together as a united nation is a must, to help one another. Creating jobs allows people in poverty to start making more income. When someone in poverty gets a job, the income they bring home is amazing to them. However minimum wage might not be enough to bring them out of poverty. The United States has a minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour. That might seem like a lot if you’re working around 16 hours a week; however that is not enough to bring yourself or your whole family out of poverty. By increasing the amount of minimum wage, poverty will decrease rapidly.

The value of money makes life in America very costly. Being in poverty doesn’t give free access to goods or items needed either. If you lower good prices, people in poverty have a chance to purchase basic goods. It also might bring in more money. If an item cost less, people will want to buy it more, because it’s cheaper. Considering this minor change might improve this nation dramatically.

Nearly one out of every five people in Georgia lives in poverty. It hurts to think about how my fellows Georgians are suffering all around. You should feel hurt too, seeing that this country is one of your many responsibilities. Taking deep thought into poverty is a strong way to end it too. As you think about it more, you can come up with more ways to end this struggle. It’s your job to keep America healthy and strong. Think of how horrid it would be to see your kid sad, all because mommy/daddy can’t provide for them.

In conclusion, we have to come together and end this. Poverty isn’t something we want to stick around, nobody does. Hopefully as our next president you will fix this immediately. Poverty must stop destroying our nation. We’ll stand strong and help each other till the end. Please take this issue seriously and “make America great again.” Thank you for your time.