Morgan M. Georgia

Dangerous World

Gang violence needs to be stopped in the United States.

Dear Future President,

Could you imagine this country without a leader? Without a leader, this country would be out of control. All citizens of the United States should be protected and feel safe at all times. No one should have to live their lives in fear.

The number of gangs in the United States have increased in the early 2000s. There are about 30,700 gangs in the United States with 850,000 members. They are killing people in other gangs as well as people that are not involved in gangs. There are so many innocent bystanders that are losing their lives on a daily basis. Sadly, half of the bystanders that are being killed are children.

Gang violence need to be stopped in the United States. One thing you can do is provide more jobs for the youth. More job opportunities for the youth will keep them busy and out of the dangerous streets. It can show a positive side of life and hopefully influence them to live a better life.

Our country is no longer safe like it used to be years ago. It was so peaceful then now it's just chaotic. Today, people are putting their lives at risk just by doing their daily routine. Im sure that we all prefer to have the good old days back when living was not dangerous.


Morgan M