Nermin M. Georgia


Poverty is a growing issue in America that needs to be stopped.

Dear Future President,

There are many people in our schools that hide behind a façade. They come to school looking happy, with a good attitude. But in reality, they go home to almost nothing; they are poor. There are many people living in poverty across the US, and you should do something about it.

Poverty is a growing issue and everyday many people suffer because of this plague. Most people hide the fact that they are impoverished. They feel as if it is embarrassing or shameful. This is probably due to the way today’s society handles the situation. In many videos and articles I read, it stated that many kids don’t tell their friends because they don’t know how they’ll react. These problems can be solved by teaching many students to help cope with their troubles, and help them through the tough times. Also, we need to let people in poverty know it’s okay to come out and ask for help.

Usually there are certain types of people that are in poverty. According to my research, Black or African Americans are in the most amount of poverty. This may be affected by racism or segregation. Another thing is that people born in another country are more likely to be in poverty than an American-born person. If this really is caused by racism and segregation then you need to find out a way to stop the targeting of certain races. This leads to many other issues that cause a lot of turmoil in America. Therefore if you eliminate the racism and segregation many problems will be solved, but overall poverty. Ways you can solve it are various community get-togethers and awareness gatherings.

Finally, poverty is usually caused by unemployment. The unemployment and poverty rates are correlated in a way that when one goes up the other goes up and vice versa. Today 5% of the US is unemployed. This may not seem like a lot, but if you put it into perspective of how big the US population is, it’s a lot. In addition, after two years of someone being unemployed they aren’t counted as unemployed anymore. This means that it is actually way more than 5%. There are already many things happening to help citizens get jobs. However, I believe there are many more things you can do to solve this dilemma of unemployment and poverty. First, you can make more jobs open to the impoverished people. Also, you can make laws prohibiting the firing of people for very unnecessary reasons.

As you can see, poverty is a huge issue and if it is not fixed, it will destroy many lives and economies. It is very clear there are many ways to fix it, so make these changes to America and solve this problem. We need to make sure no one is in pain from this disease known as poverty.


Nermin M.