Julian P. Georgia

Immigrant Legalization

Let's discuss legalization of immigrants in the United States.

Dear Future President,

As we know immigration has had a major impact the country; immigrants come to the United States, and they bring positive social values like hard work and dedication to pursue the “American dream.” Immigrants have also made a major impact to the country’s economy, so those immigrants who come to the country legally or illegally should be given an opportunity to stay in the country to help the improvement of the economy.

Immigrants have been discriminated by a lot of the citizens of the United States, but people don’t realize that newcomers are actually helping the community by dedicating to their work and improving the economy.

I know that you may think that immigrants are not just breaking the law, but they also compete with Americans for jobs, but they don’t compete they are just taking advantage of the opportunities that they get in which Americans have decided to stop trying at. A few examples of those jobs are farming, Butcher and meat processors, taxi drivers, maids and housekeepers; these jobs are a couple that Americans won’t be doing.

So if immigrant make such an impact in the community, and bring very important social values the should be given the to stay to accomplish the “American dream.” And thanks to their dedication the United States has a good economy and one of the best ones in the world.

Thank you for your consideration,

Julian P.

Creekland Middle School

Mrs. Demos's Classes

We are 8th grade language arts students from Creekland Middle School in Lawrenceville, GA.

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