Sally-mae B. Florida

Illegal immigrants would say "Not Fair"

The Future President 1660 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 Dear Future President, I was born and raised in North Miami, Florida. I look forward to the new changes to America and the better things that will come from you. I tend to stay and live in Florida for a very long time because of such the unique diversities. Florida is mixed with people from all over the world. It makes it hard to separate it, because without that, Florida would not be the same. America can be its own little world. That is why immigration is a big issue. There are so many families being separated from each other. Leaving huge effects on people lives everyday because they can't see the people they love the most in the whole world. I feel that deportation should be handle differently. As in if the illegal immigrants has no criminal history or do the right things for the community or much more. They should stay and become citizen until they do wrong. But the other illegal immigrants they do wrong and has a criminal record should be deported back. In the year 2013 Obama administration departed a record of 438,421 illegal immigrants in one year. Since Obama took place in the being the president since 2009. More than 2 million deportations happened. I want that to change to better the families and America. Sincerly, Sally-mae Brautigam Senior at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School

All lives matter regardless of where it comes from in the world.

Mourning Senior High School

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